Saturday, September 8, 2007

Anthropology Sign

Yesterday I went to the monthly lunch time treasure hunt with my friends. I wasn't really planning on buying anything, but I found this screen printed wooden sign by Anthropology (I remember seeing it in the store long long time ago and wanted it, but it was too expensive for me). Actually, the original price tag was still on and it was $94... I got it for $39!!! It is so cute! I don't mind it's actually a mass produced product cause it is very well done. Can't wait to put it up.

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princesstomato said...

i am loving all of your treasures. this one is great, even if mass produced...and 39 bucks with a frame. woohoo! the robot above is irresistable. oh, you are making me want to go to the city and SHOP! i need to get back to work here!!!! :)