Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dick Daniels

Finally, it's my time to own a super fun artwork by my friend/co-worker Dick Daniels (I call him Didi)! I got it last night in an annual art+craft sale. He had so many amazing pieces and it was very hard for me to pick just one. But I am really happy that I got this funhouse sign... I love the niphead characters on it and I am gonna name them Haracio, Emilio and Xavier! Heehee...what a fun bunch! You have to check out Dick's website "FunHouse57". There are lots of colorful mixed media wooden signs and cool ceramic skulls, too!


mansueutude said...

I like your choice. That red T.V. really caught my eye, as well. Nice site, will visit again,

j.caro said...

me gusta mucho tus tecnicas casi manga.

Paola Zakimi 座喜味 said...

great, great painting, i love it!
good to find you!